To do list update!

So in my attempt to blog more I thought I’d ease myself in slowly and do a little update on how my New year’s To do list is going so far (next week’s blog will be more interesting honest!!!)

*Improve my health, exercise more & massively improve my diet- Hmmmmm well I have bought the plastic takeaway boxes to start meal planning and erm I am making an effort to eat more veg and fruit but sadly cake & chocolate has still been too much a part of my diet. I have also joined the gym and am starting back at my phyio as we have booked skiing for Easter and I want to be fighting fit and have an incredible holiday

*Start learning French- That’s a huge fat nope!

*Use up every arts & craft/science kit- Millie has been doing lots of colouring but haven’t made much of a dent in the arts & craft stuff yet so this weekend on Sunday we’ll be using lots!

*Blog more- I’m writing this now and well… I’m hoping to start blogging once a week….watch this space!

*Do a fun family activity every weekend with the kids- We have some things in the pipeline lined up and on a different note I’ve booked for my Mum and I to do a one day cooking course together that includes Champagne and a cream tea. Very excited!!!

*Reading hour once a week as a family- Yep we actually managed that at the weekend, even if Charlie was face deep in a magazine rather than a book (thankfully it was Kids National Geographic- an awesome pressie for his birthday for 2 good friends, cannot recommend this enough as it’s an ace read for Children!)

*Read more generally- I have really taken this on board and have nearly finished my first book ‘The Museum of Extraordinary Things’ by Alice Hoffman. It’s a love story, a mystery and some history all thrown in together and I’m loving it!

*Be kinder to myself- Also trying to do this more, instead of automatically looking in the mirror and thinking yuck, or disregarding my opinion before I even voice it I am actually trying to find positives in everything

*Once a month (or more!) date night with the Hubs- We’re off for a night away this weekend yippee sooooooo excited as it includes a 7 course meal and bottle of champagne!

*More socialising with friends- Yep last Friday we had friend’s over and laughed lots and this Friday it’s the same. Bring on the Prosecco!!!

*Make more of an effort on my hair/makeup/clothing- Erm nope haven’t done that yet

*More sex…- Not telling!

*And most important of all……worry less & enjoy life more- Having had bad news about several friends’ health before and after Christmas I have realised that all that really matters is that my hubs, the kids and I are happy and healthy! I’m making an effort to spend more time with friends, making plans and being organised so I don’t have last minute worries and panics- leaving me time to enjoy myself!

There we go a little update on how things are going- eeeeek I better start thinking about what to do for next week’s blog.



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Wife of one, Mother of two, business owner, daydreamer, procrastinator & fashion addict (not necessarily in that order!)
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