2016 I’m Coming At Ya!!!

So it was this time last year I wrote my blog  post about making and breaking New Year resolutions and here I am doing it again. But this time it’s not so much resolutions but a tick list for this year of things I’d love to do or achieve even if it’s only a few times so I can give myself a pat on the back that I can stick to and achieve something! I was inspired by Clemmie’s list (Mother of All Lists) so thought I’d write one of my own.

Here goes:

-Improve my health because this year has been a pants one for me health wise with hip damage and then operation and 2 bouts of flu/virus that mean time off work plus numerous minor ailments like my asthma and eczema bothering me- this then leads me into the next 2 things!

-exercise more, starting with actually doing my physio properly then yoga or Pilates once I’m stronger, adding in longer walks for Archie and then hopefully running again and horse riding by 2017.

-massively improve my diet (meal planning/prepping so Sunday afternoon filled up meaning the rest of the week will hopefully be easier) and definitely eat fewer carbs- I’m a carbs demon and can eat half a loaf of bread in one sitting

– Start learning French as one day we will live in the Alps, walking in the Summer and skiing in the Winter- heaven!

-Use up every arts & craft/science kit the kids have been given for Birthdays/Xmas over the last few years and have fun whilst we’re at it which will also mean clearing much need cupboard/loft/garage space

-Blog more because I love writing and it’s nice having a creative outlet that isn’t linked to work. Whilst I love the shop fashion blogging isn’t really for me as it’s so nice to step away from that- I think lifestyle and family blogging is more up my street!

-Do a fun family activity every weekend with the kids that’s not their existing sport/hobby i.e.: museums/National Trust Days Out/cinema/Theatre/art galleries. This will mean it will actually have been worth me paying out for the family National Trust membership- not just the one trip to Waddesdon manor last Summer!

-Reading hour once a week as a family as we spend far too much time looking at screens and not at pages of paper filled with lovely words

-Read more generally as I love it and miss that “me time” I used to get when I was fully engrossed in a book and could while away the hours in another world

– Be kinder to myself, whilst I may be a harsh critic of others I’m my own worst critic as can think things about myself that leave me in tears (typical Virgo apparently!)!

-Once a month (or more!) date night with the Hubs as a great way to make sure we connect and have time to ourselves

-More socialising with friends as we always enjoy a weekend more when we have a drink & a laugh with friends

-Make more of an effort on my hair/makeup/clothing as my 1 stone weight gain due to hip damage/depression has meant that I look in the mirror and struggle to be kind about myself or say one positive thing- even a slick of lipstick can mean I feel a bit more confident and less harsh about myself

-More sex… self-explanatory really because let’s be honest who doesn’t want more sex?!? It’s good for you, great exercise, brings you closer to your partner and erm well feels good!!!

-And most important of all……worry less & enjoy life more. This has to be my 2016 mantra as getting anxious and upset about the things you can do nothing about is totally pointless! Enjoy and be happy with my lot because I’m one lucky lady with a fab husband, happy and healthy kids, a great job and friends and family I adore. As my gorgeous 8 year old son Charlie says “Mummy we’re very lucky aren’t we because we have a roof over our heads, food to eat and a bed to sleep in” yes Charlie yes we are!

Jen xxx

About Jen

Wife of one, Mother of two, business owner, daydreamer, procrastinator & fashion addict (not necessarily in that order!)
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