Knit Happens!

Whoever thought knitting- the hobby of many an octogenarian would suddenly become cool again?!? I certainly didn’t so I was really surprised when on the tube a few months ago I spotted a super trendy hipster knitting & pearling away to her hearts content. Crafting is once again cool and it’s definitely here to stay. Take for instance the recent Pop Up “The Cornershop” in London’s trendy East End. The entire shop was full of hand felted items, from packets of sweets to tampons to the charity tin at the till. The press had a field day and it was featured on blogs, newspapers and websites around the country.

The Daily Mail featured Lucy's Sparrow's project "The Cornershop" made entirely from felt- image from their website, click for original article

The Daily Mail featured Lucy’s Sparrow’s project “The Cornershop” made entirely from felt- image from their website, click for original article

I hadn’t thought much about knitting again until my friend Rachel asked if I’d like to join her at a knitting club that takes place once a month. It’s run by Becks from The Dandy Kid– an uber cool kids lifestyle store in Wendover (with some fab bits for their funky mummas to!) and Hannah, or as she has become known “The Knitting Midwife”.  This has caused some confusion with questions from mine and Rachel’s friends & family such as “well what’s that then?” or “do you have to be pregnant to go along?”-  well erm it’s all in the name really  she’s a midwife who knits and no you don’t have to have a bun in the oven to attend.

Now I’m not at all Arts & Craftsy, I have no natural ability at drawing, stitching, gluing or even stapling so I was pretty nervous to say the least. But off Rach and I toddled to our local wool and craft store Rainbow Silks (in Great Missenden) to buy our weapons of choice. Rachel chose a beautiful thick clean looking pink wool and the most enormous needles you’ve ever seen- I mean seriously you could do some damage with those bad boys! Millie wanted me to knit her a scarf so I chose what looked like a fairly thick slightly fluffy cream wool and some less abnormal sized needles (not the picture below suffice to say!)

Pretty sure Rach's needles were this big!

Pretty sure Rach’s needles were this big!

We’ve been getting teased by our other halves for the last few weeks about getting old and how unsexy knitting was (just wait until we knit some bikinis you two!) which we’ve laughed off, because two hours on a Tuesday evening to ourselves- regardless of the knitting, wine and cake that was on offer sounded like pure bliss.

Rach & me on our hols next year- well OK this is crocheted and she's a Supermodel but you get the picture!

Rach & me on our hols next year- well OK this is crocheted but you get the picture!

We weren’t disappointed- it was held in a lovely café deli in Wendover called Whitewaters and was an intimate group of about 10 of us. They limit the number of beginners and for good reason as poor Hannah seemed to spend the majority of the time helping me undo the mess I made- cack handed doesn’t even begin to describe my knitting style.

We arrived at 8 and paid our £9.50 whilst Becks wrote some fun anecdotal name tags for us with little snippets of information she knew about all of us- mine “Jen- she owns a fab shop in Amersham” and Rachel’s “Rachel- she plays hockey” and so on and so forth around the room. It was a lovely mixture of ladies who either knew one another through school or through links to The Dandy Kid and surrounding shops.  Becks then made tea, coffee, poured wine and water for us and it began. Hannah cast on for us as it was tricky and showed us the basics. As I said I’m no natural and my scarf will be a teensy bit chilly for poor Millie with plenty of dropped stitches and holes- hey ho we’ve all got to start somewhere and multitasking has never been my forte. It was great to see all the different things being made- I was especially impressed with Becks’ jersey knitting


Becks definitely knows a thing or two about knitting!

Becks definitely knows a thing or two about knitting!

One thing that I really loved was chatting to everyone about what they did and how they came to be at the club- from pregnant Mum’s knitting blankets, experienced knitters who’s needles moved so quickly they were a blur and fellow indie business owners and Mum’s needing a bit of time to themselves. It’s so funny  how having moved back to Bucks everyone knows one another in the local area through someone else or a random link. Becks is good friends with a buddy of mine from post natal group, Hannah knitter extraordinaire is the sister of a girl from my year at High School, Anna from Monkey, Floss & Me (a hand painted furniture company) has moved into a friend’s house in the village and I met last year at a kids’ birthday party. Other ladies including Rae from Fabric HQ (a great company selling beautiful fabrics & offering all sorts of great classes locally) & Emma from Emma May Stitching who runs sewing classes at Fabric HQ knew one another from when Fabric HQ was next to the Dandy Kid.

So am I going to be knitting incredible intricate cashmere jumpers for Coco Marie to sell in store…… in one word no! As I’ve said knitting doesn’t come naturally to me but I will certainly relish the challenge to knit even a basic scarf and it sure beats watching rubbish television or spending all evening looking at Facebook etc on my phone! So here’s to new hobbies & new friends and next month’s knit club- after all “What happens At Knitting Club Stays At Knitting Club!”

"The Knitting Midwife" surrounded by her flock (if you'll excuse the pun!)

“The Knitting Midwife” surrounded by her flock (if you’ll excuse the pun!)

Contact Becks at The Dandy Kid for more information on the next Knitting Club (last Tuesday of every month)

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